Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Update 14 & 15: Frames complete ; Windows mounted and bricks delvered

Hello all ,

I have been bit of slack updating the blog. There has been plenty of action over last week and a half. In reality this blog should probably equivalent to two separate blogs (Hence Update 14 & 15). Our frame was complete (28 July) by Saturday (1 August) we had our windows in place mounted on to the wall frame. Add to our joy we also have our bricks delivered on site. While this was happenning on the site on saturday, we finalized our wet area tile selections . Although its going to cost us $$$ for upgrades (niche, feature wall , tiling extended up to the ceiling etc.) we are hoping its not a bombshell thrown at us when we have the quote in hand.

Needless to say are pretty exited with the progress so far (please ignore the slackness on my part not updating the blog,, but surely i feel guilty about it ) , and delighted with our design , modifications and overall structure. Here are some framing pics courtesy F+S and few pics i clicked on satuday evening ( I hope our SS is not reading the blog and cut our access to the site ) . Will promise to be more punctual with further blogs , as the action continues !! Stay tuned in.......................... !!!


  1. wow so fast to this stage.. quick one did you change much on the floor layout?

  2. Hi kenneth

    Yes we did change a fair bit .

    we swapped the main toilet block position with bed room so that we have 3 decent sized bed rooms !!

    We also added a walk in pantry in the living area to have bigger kitchen platform and metter use of what could have been circulation space/corridor (corridor)