Sunday, November 1, 2009

Update : Proud Owners.

We re now officially the owners .......

Our house keys handed over to us by F&B on Friday. It toook exactly 170 days from the date we got our council approval to the handover date . For those who are intrested in numbers and statistics the wisdom build process spanned over,

* 170 days
* 5 months, 17 days,
* 24 weeks (rounded down)
* 4080 hours
* 244,800 minutes
* 14,688,000 seconds

It was bit of last minute rush so that we can get started with tiling and other finishing work .Long list of things to be completed before we can move in ( 3 wks to go!!!!).....

We are very very happy with Wisdom overall and the process has been very smooth without mch of stress ( except for the last minute rush ) . Thanks to the entire wisdom team for the qulaity workmanship , excellant customer service, professionalism and friendliness. Mark , Colt , Anita, Annie , Frank , Ben , Marnie , Belinda and Natasha thank you for joining and helping us in our new home journey.... Really appreciate your best efforts in getting there.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Update 1 step closer : We Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been a while , but here is the sneak peak . We love it all and hope you like it too. Kudos Wisdom team for making it all happen !!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Update 19 : Locked up..................

Excellent progress this week . We are now locked up.... Doors, garage kitchen and vanities have been installed . Our carpenter is doing fantastic job with skirting and architraves. Detailed commentary soon, in the mean time enjoy the pics..................................

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Update 18 : Welcome to my Home !!

Another much awaited update !! My dad has been so lazy i decided giving you an update instead. Last two weeks saw good progress . The bricks got cleaned with acid wash , electrical rough-in's completed ; followed by the wall and roof insulation ; At the same time as our rooms were being painted in yellow with insulation , team of two Manly supporters finished of the fascia and sofit boards.

On the weekend mom and dad decided to take a casual trip and they could not simply believe it !! There was no trace of yellow walls and instead we had gyp boards all the way for roof and wall . To celebrate we went again on Sunday with the whole family; Needless to say I simply loved it running around and did not want to leave at all.

This week saw cornices completed , electrical cutouts done ; and also the waterproofing; Keep watching this space for latest pictures soon

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Update 17 : The Crown !!

Good progress last week . Our fantastic brickie handed over the place to have gutters installed . On Thursday another major milestone completed with the crown. Finally we now have a roof !!! . The roofing crew demonstrated fantastic teamwork to complete both sarking (Green colour plastic underlay ) and laying roof tiles within few hours. They fell short of 10-15 roof tiles ; hence we have a little bald scar, which will be soon patched up. Overall we are very happy with the structure & the colors .

Hoping this week will have plenty of actions for another happy update soon ..........

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Update 16: plumbing n bricks

Time for an update again !! Last week saw our plumbing completed and brick work started . We met our bricks laying friend and he is fantastic. Although he is "one man show" , there is no compromise on quality against time . Cool calm and collected professional is how i would like to describe him . So far around 70% bricking completed and we love the way it is shaping up !!

We also received quote from Di-lorenzo and i had to run sort few things out !! We have upgraded our tiles ( surprise , surprise !! ) and will be having tiles up to ceiling . Although we think its the right call from long term perspective, its certainly not been easier on our wallet.........!! (It never is , is it ? )

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Update 14 & 15: Frames complete ; Windows mounted and bricks delvered

Hello all ,

I have been bit of slack updating the blog. There has been plenty of action over last week and a half. In reality this blog should probably equivalent to two separate blogs (Hence Update 14 & 15). Our frame was complete (28 July) by Saturday (1 August) we had our windows in place mounted on to the wall frame. Add to our joy we also have our bricks delivered on site. While this was happenning on the site on saturday, we finalized our wet area tile selections . Although its going to cost us $$$ for upgrades (niche, feature wall , tiling extended up to the ceiling etc.) we are hoping its not a bombshell thrown at us when we have the quote in hand.

Needless to say are pretty exited with the progress so far (please ignore the slackness on my part not updating the blog,, but surely i feel guilty about it ) , and delighted with our design , modifications and overall structure. Here are some framing pics courtesy F+S and few pics i clicked on satuday evening ( I hope our SS is not reading the blog and cut our access to the site ) . Will promise to be more punctual with further blogs , as the action continues !! Stay tuned in.......................... !!!