Sunday, September 27, 2009

Update 19 : Locked up..................

Excellent progress this week . We are now locked up.... Doors, garage kitchen and vanities have been installed . Our carpenter is doing fantastic job with skirting and architraves. Detailed commentary soon, in the mean time enjoy the pics..................................

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Update 18 : Welcome to my Home !!

Another much awaited update !! My dad has been so lazy i decided giving you an update instead. Last two weeks saw good progress . The bricks got cleaned with acid wash , electrical rough-in's completed ; followed by the wall and roof insulation ; At the same time as our rooms were being painted in yellow with insulation , team of two Manly supporters finished of the fascia and sofit boards.

On the weekend mom and dad decided to take a casual trip and they could not simply believe it !! There was no trace of yellow walls and instead we had gyp boards all the way for roof and wall . To celebrate we went again on Sunday with the whole family; Needless to say I simply loved it running around and did not want to leave at all.

This week saw cornices completed , electrical cutouts done ; and also the waterproofing; Keep watching this space for latest pictures soon