Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Update 3 : Almost ready to start !!

Hi all ,

Its been long time since we updated the blog. We are back from a much needed vacation . The good thing is we have received DA approval couple of weeks back , construction certificate on its way and signboard from wisdom and red pegs on the site . Looks lot of us are at same stage waiting for the weather god to show mercy and build started. Best of luck fellow Wisdomites !!

I managed to take some time off from work today and added few tweaks to the blog . Will upload some pics soon !!

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  1. Hi neighbours! We were wondering where you'd been! We were watching your DA with ours and looks like we all went through at the same time. We got our pegs this week too - woohoo! We can all race each other haha. Now we all just need to rain to go away. We've all waited so long, it's cruel to make us wait any longer!!! Might see you out on Pebble Cres soon!! :) PS - blog looks great!